I have a fascination with using only light to give new appearance to the forms that surround me. It is a challenge that evolves constantly in my thoughts. Thus began “YOZ”—a trip towards a fantastic universe yet constructed within the real world. A place where the drastic change of forms is transmitted simply via light.

“YOZ” narrates the theory of natural evolution via the small scale, the minute. A forest walk is transformed into something magical by the moment that a meteorite crashes down. The foreign object opens a wound that emanates light; it tears the skin off the photography and transmits energy to the basic natural elements which constitute the whole.

Yet the light’s contagion is fleeting.

Through branches, stones, earth, leaves, it propagates. Commonplace objects achieve a new sense and move towards a mystical being. Everything mutates at great speed—even matter evaporates. Suddenly, it all fragments into minuscule light, crossing the event horizon....

We find, then, that we have passed the line of the imagination and digressed into a new dimension. Loaded with luminescence, we can once more rediscover the complexity of the simplest elements.

Maybe…this is the beginning of a new life?

—Pàtric Marín

Editors’ note: We discovered this photographer and his work at the excellent Circulation(s) Festival.