Paul Graham (born 1956) is an English fine-art and documentary photographer whose work has been exhibited, published and collected internationally. In 2009, he won the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. He is also a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellow (1983), and a Guggenheim Fellow (2010). In 2012 he received the Hasselblad Award and the Paris Photo prize for the best photographic book of the past 15 years.

Here, we are treated to a direct personal presentation of three of his most important recent works. This video was released on the occasion of The Whiteness of the Whale, a solo exhibition by Paul Graham at Pier 24 Photography, San Francisco.

For the first time, this exhibition brings together three bodies of work made in the United States between 1998 and 2011, American Night (1998–2002), a shimmer of possibility (2004–06), and The Present (2009–11).

The Whiteness of the Whale features nearly sixty works, ranging from singular large-scale photographs to sequences of over twenty images. Graham’s three bodies of work from this period operate as an informal trilogy, linked not only by common subject matter, but also by underlying issues such as racial and social inequality, the texture of everyday life, and the nature of sight, perception, and photography itself.


Editors’ Note: The Whiteness of the Whale is on view at Pier 24 in San Francisco from August 3, 2015 – February 29, 2016.