Pauline Niks is one of the 50 best emerging photographers for 2015, as voted by the eight-member international jury for the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2015. Here is her winning entry and artist’s statement. View her profile to learn more about her and to see more of her great work.

The project “Enkele ideeën” (“Some Ideas”) “Some Ideas” registers a period from January to June, 2015 when a photographer, Pauline Niks, and her friend, Jesse Cremers, stayed in Sweden in a caravan. By deciding to live in a caravan, each individual was able to claim his or her own working and living space. Pauline dedicated herself to her photography projects and Jesse started making things on the street. Almost incidentally, Pauline also documented their life in and around the caravan.

After the period was over, Pauline made a discovery: those odd moments in between were really the main project. Thus, “Enkele ideeën”focuses on those almost forgotten photographs, giving us an impression of what those very special 6 months were all about.

—Pauline Niks