Before the Great Unravelling, the Real World was a place of both profound progress and unchecked barbarism. Today, after centuries of decline and renewal, only a handful of digital archives and oral traditions from that earlier era have survived.

Recently, a Simian clone, culling mutants from a seldom trafficked region in the foothills of western Merika, discovered a previously unexplored ruin, partially uncovered by erosion. There he stumbled upon a lead container, yielding another lead box, inside which were discovered scores of Real World images rendered on paper, all remarkably well preserved. It was an unprecedented find.

Archeologists continue to excavate the site, which appears to have been a repository for other similar artifacts. It is suspected that the structure is at least as old as the Great Unravelling itself. However, this claim has yet to be substantiated. A preeminent team of academics is currently archiving objects from the discovery at the University of Merika Southwest.

The images in the following presentation are an accounting of the first few of these objects released from the project to the media. Pending further research and conservation, scholars expect to make more information available in the near future. To date, however, this exhibit serves as the most tangible example of our distant past ever made public. Depicting life at the beginnings of the Great Unravelling, it reveals a time of great yearning, unmatched prosperity, and disturbing conflict. A time, indeed, when viewed through the fractured lens of history, reality and myth appear to have merged and become one and the same.

—Peter Leighton

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