Photography is the only medium whose history is a continuous boom. It continues to expand into new fields and take them over.

—Francis Hodgson, Financial Times

An all-new world-class photography fair opens this May — Photo London. Centrally located at the grand Somerset House on the Thames, Photo London offers a vibrant celebration of photography in all of its forms. The world’s finest galleries will be there to sell to collectors, with some startlingly fresh work by established masters as well as many new and emerging talents. LensCulture’s editors have created a highly selective preview of some of the work that excites us the most — see them in the slideshow above.

Special themed exhibitions will also delight photography lovers during Photo London, including a brand-new exhibition, put on by the Victoria and Albert Museum, titled Beneath the Surface. The show will draw on the museum’s vast photography collection—which stretches back to the dawn of the medium—and share some of the most rarely shown images that the museum has to offer. The fair is also making a concerted effort to showcase lesser-known, emerging talents—9 galleries have been set aside in the “Discovery” section. From 19th century works to some of the most fresh and exciting photographs being made today, the fair promises something for everyone!

And last, but not least, LensCulture will be taking part in these exciting festivities. All 31 award-winning photographers of the LensCulture Exposure Awards 2014 will be on display in a special exhibition (printing courtesy of Genesis Imaging UK). We are thrilled to be sharing our latest discoveries alongside the rest of the fair’s top-level programming. Please, come join us!


Editors’ Note: Photo London will run from May 21-May 24, 2015. It will be held at the Somerset House, in the heart of London. We look forward to seeing some of you there! Purchase your tickets here.