Plastic Landscapes is a metaphor for the disrespect that people show to Nature. We use plastic everywhere, every day, unthinkingly. Eventually, is this how the future landscape will look? Will plastic literally “grow” on trees?

In my new series, I decided to include plastic in the landscape. I wanted to convey a new idea of how our landscape is changing before our eyes. I thoughtfully incorporated different kinds of plastic, depending on the location, light, strength and direction of the wind, even on the tide and the size of the swell. In these photos, for the first time, you can actually see the Hawaiian breeze.

I enjoy creating long exposure ocean-scapes as well, since this is when I am not entirely in the control of what the sensor will record. Plastic interconnects with the motion of ocean, wind and waves producing unpredictable—and disturbingly beautiful—effects.

—Rafal Maleszyk