The entire trip took a mere 10 days to drive 1,450 kilometers around the country, starting and stopping constantly to serve the whims of the photographer.The resulting book is like being inside two minds at the same time — one visual and enthusiastic, one verbal and somewhat funny and bored. Definitely a right-brain / left-brain split at work here. It’s a good combination.

Typical diary entries by the writer, Huldar Breidfjörd, about the photographer, Rafal Milach:

1. I do the driving. Regularly, R notices something and asks me to stop. I pull over to the side of the road and wait while he takes pictures. And I get bored. Traveling with a photographer is a bit like shopping with a girlfriend that wants to look at all the clothes and try everything on — a never-ending drag.

12. We drive on. Everything in our surroundings seems to call out: “Look at me!” Mountains stretch out and fight for the attention and valleys roll on their backs hoping that somebody will come along and scratch their bellies. Even the horses grin from ear to ear. Nevertheless, we drive past all of this without stopping. R doesn’t take landscape photographs.

The third part of this winning combination is the superb design by Ania Nalecka, from Tapir Book Design. The beautifully printed book is presented inside two loose hardcover front and back panels, each of which is embossed, printed, and/or glued with a tip-in photo or bits of hand-torn paper that make up the book’s title. The tipped-in photo inside the back cover is suitable for framing. Plus, there’s a large fold-out poster of one of the photos inside. The whole thing is held together by two thick red rubber bands. It’s a piece of art in itself. Buy one if you can—it’s a limited edition of 700 copies (450 in English, 250 in Polish).

—Jim Casper

In the Car with R
by Rafal Milach
with text by Huldar Breidfjörd
160 pages, 159 photographs
170 x 215 mm, Hardcover in four options
Published by Czytelnia Sztuki
Museum in Gliwice, 2011

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