In this series, nothing is staged—but the sun never comes up.

The series came to me from a strange undercurrent in the air in Paris: there is a pervasive feeling that everything here is controlled, watched and somehow less alive. Sometimes it feels like reality progressed far beyond the future predicted in old dystopian movies. To pay homage to that, I took the name “Alphaville” from Jean-Luc Godard’s movie Alphaville (1965).

The film shows an Orwellian world: it is shot in and around the futuristic architecture that dots the city. Nothing from the movie was shot in a studio—everything took place around real buildings. It is a dark and brooding film: the city is portrayed as a machine where everything turns and repeats ceaselessly.

My own work is ongoing as I continue to explore the streets of Paris. After all, Paris is a big city…

—Rémy Soubanère

The first image of this atmospheric street photography essay was selected as a 2nd place winner in the single image category of the LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2016. Discover more inspiring work from all the winners, jurors’ picks and finalists.