The Arrangement is a quirky, playful take on old-fashioned how-to manuals. The book mingles found images from old books on flower-arranging and food preparation, with collages that the artist Ruth Van Beek has created from a mixture of other found images, and faux sculptures she's made to invent surreal variations on plants, vegetables and other inorganic inventions.

With virtually no text to supply context in the book itself, the publisher states rather mysteriously that "Ruth Van Beek is especially interested in the translation of the strict rules and symbols of Japanese Ikebana into instructional books for Dutch housewives."

There you have it. Enough said. Enjoy the pictures and the whacky juxtapositions. Recommended.

— Jim Casper

The Arrangement
by Ruth Van Beek
Publisher: RVB Books
Paperback: 48 pages