With street photography, I share the vision I have of my country through the faces of those who live here. My approach is extreme and direct. I get very close, physically, to the people I photograph. With the flash I try to highlight that mask of vanity that each of us has built as self-defense. However, thanks to moments of vulnerability and the reactions that the camera captures in the faces, the images are seasoned with a touch of dramatic irony, and a grotesque vision of real humanity.

I’m not a silent photographer outside the scene. I am aware that this ‘hard’ photographic approach has raised some criticism and controversy, and is considered by some to be aggressively abusive, even immoral. I think instead it is an honest approach. Photography does not lie, it exposes what can be seen as real. My intention is to find truth, not to be derisive or demeaning.

This is still an active project, and I do not know how and when it will finish.

— Salvatore Matarazzo