This is one of those projects that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s elusive. And that is what it’s about. 

Experiencing the world, I see a connection, tension, a conversation between things and the space they inhabit. I see spaces within space, geometry, an animated expanse that is apparently empty. The thing is, I can’t explain these relationships and connections. I just know they are there. It’s like beautiful poetry that I can’t understand. It moves me, because it is beyond me. Choreographed speedways, empty airspace, a puddle staring at the sky, they converse with each other, invisibly.

Invisible ink: You have to do something to be able to see it. As a photographer, I do something to be able to show an idea. Invisible ink is typically meant to be seen only by specific people. The shapes I’ve depicted within the landscape are there simply to reveal something I already see with my own eyes. 

— Santiago Vanegas