Mobile photography is becoming a global movement. Supported by expanding technological advancements, and fed by continuous, impressive production, mobile photography is quickly establishing itself as a distinct and respected aesthetic all on its own. While the ease of using a mobile device opens the door to the masses—resulting in a surplus of low-quality work—it also creates the means for new approaches and experimental photography.

Indeed, the widespread use of mobile devices to take pictures is having influences on the borders and direction of photography as a whole. In Street Stories, the H-artcollective groups the best of their street photography to show the impact that mobile photography can have. At its core, H-artcollective is a group of [Turkish] photographers who are active in mobile street photography and seek to produce, cooperate, and create shared projects.

Street Stories includes both black-and-white images, as well as a few color photographs. The wide-ranging results speak to a new kind of flexibility in image-making—the near instantaneous ability to switch filters while continuously snapping photos gives careful practitioners an unparalleled degree of freedom while in the field.

H-art collective seeks to create unique works and embrace experimental approaches in this genre. In the end, we hope to share this experience with other photographers worldwide.

—Sevil Alkan, H-art collective

Editors’ Note: You can find more great work from the H-art collective on their lively Instagram feed!