Space is not something objective and real, nor a substance, nor an accident, not a relation; instead, it is subjective and ideal, and originates from the mind’s nature in accord with a stable law as a scheme, as it were, for coordinating everything sensed externally.

—Immanuel Kant

SF Camerawork presents its 2016 Annual Juried Exhibition: a collection of artwork addressing the concept “S P A C E.”

Featuring artists David Campbell, Theresa Ganz, Amelia Konow, and Jacqueline Woods, the artwork in this exhibition presents an exploration of the concept of “space.” Using a variety of creative, photographic interpretations, all four photographers explore age-old ideas central to this important modern question and propose contemporary answers in their personal representations of space. For many of these artists, space is a distinct, almost spiritual arena, in which the photographic process can capture both the mystery and poetry of the unknown.

David Campbell’s mixed-media photography investigates how human beings confront the massive and incomprehensible cosmos. By manipulating objects and images via strategies of studio photography, image appropriation and the layering of gold leaf, Campbell’s work examines the human quest to place the self within the macro- and micro-levels of the universe.

Theresa Ganz’s large-scale photographic installations of fictitious landscapes address the often oppositional experiences of scale between humans and nature. Considering the metaphysical possibilities within this dynamic, Ganz builds dense collages of large photographic prints that blur the distinction between the spiritual and bodily experiences of the landscape.

Amelia Konow prints digital images found in astronomy databases onto vintage silver-gelatin papers, engaging a dialogue between contemporary science and the nature of photography. Konow is interested in the poetics and mystery of a universe in which much remains to be learned.

Jacqueline Woods invokes the supernatural and otherworldly through her camera-less, large-scale works, all of which have a great emphasis on process. Her images represent the intersection of control and chaos while alluding to conceptions of the cosmos and mysteries of the universe.

—Heather Snider, SF Camera Work’s Executive Director

Editors’ Note:

The jury for this exhibition was comprised of:

Anastasia James, Associate Curator, The Contemporary Jewish Museum
Michael Light, Artist and Bookmaker
Mark Murrmann, Photography Editor, Mother Jones

SF Camerawork is pleased to present S P A C E, the 2016 Annual Juried Exhibition, on view from July 14 – August 20, 2016.