There are many kinds of street photography, yet almost all rely on “seeing” ordinary things and events in a special way, and then capturing that extraordinary image in a photograph so others can appreciate the original vision of the photographer.

Siegfried Hansen is a master at discovering delightful visual compositions out in the world — overlapping planes of color, juxtapositions, lines, geometries, visual tricks and treats. He was included in the great Thames and Hudson book, “Street Photography Now”, back in 2010. And he has just released an all-new book of his images playfully titled, “Hold the Line”.

“Hold the Line” is a beautiful book of Hansen’s unique view of what is possible with street photography. It is elegantly designed and printed, and every single image in the book is a gem — and that is a rare compliment.

Hansen says, “During the past ten years I’ve been making street photography that includes strong graphic compositions. I look for colors and juxtapositions that fit together from a particular point of view. On my walks through the city, I often see things, normal things, but I try to show these things in a special way.”

Enjoy the 18 images in this article as a full-screen slideshow, and then buy the book. Highly recommended.

— Jim Casper

hold the line
By Siegfried Hansen
64 pages
Published by Verlag Kettler, Germany