Aunt Sara lives alone. She has never been married. She used to live with her parents and since 20 years ago, with her younger sister. She has never needed to work to live. At the age of 40, she decided to teach because she was little bored: an activity like crochet, reading, cooking cakes, charity work. Now, that she is ninety, she is always occupied all day long. 

To spend a day with her is to live in a timeless tale that repeats all days: each hour has an habit, a light, an object, a movement, a sound.

Sara represents a generation that lives between the past and present. I'm truly fascinated by this group of people that has to live by constantly switching from a bygone era to now. They are all trying to move with the times while at the same time protecting themselves in their timeless world.

—Simona Bonanno