I am no one. I am a passenger, a sailor, a waitress, an official, a cook, and a technician. You don’t know me. Tomorrow, I will no longer be here in this exact place. On this floating city, I cross paths with a thousand people.

Traveling across the sea, we are in perpetual motion. Within the pulse of the decks, of the corridors, of the brilliant salons, and of the play of water in pools, everyone has a story.

Crossing my shadow projected on a wall, my profile could belong to anyone. Painted by the light, I will tell you a story, a story that is the story of a thousand others. In the apparent chaos of the ship, this enormous beast, I become one with the flux of humanity.

Like looking through the keyhole, I project myself in the lives of the passengers and staff of a grand cruise ship. Using my lenses, I have the opportunity to observe this cosmopolitan society on the seas.

Each year, European cruise ships transport more than 100,000 passengers to every port in the world. These ships—brilliant, shining cities on the seas—are small, yet contain a highly concentrated sample of people from around the world.

Whoever you are, whatever your life is, here, you become part of an enormous self-renewing mechanism. On this floating city, we become one.

—Simona Bonanno