…Life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end. —Virginia Woolf

is a series of fictional biographies told with images rather than words. It is the recognition that any life, when viewed from the exterior, consists of a hodgepodge of anecdote, happenstance, mood, and place.

To construct a life is to bear witness to a string of accident and intention, risks taken, adventures endured, loves won or lost. Strangelives are the stories told by a collective of photographers from all over the world, and are pieced together with images that share a common aesthetic and narrative sensibility (despite being completely unrelated in space and time).

The collective, titled Strange.rs, is a group of artists that came together in 2010. They produce a variety of projects, from short stories to photo essays to more experimental, unconventional work. By weaving individual members’ photos into more complex wholes, the group’s work transcends the perspective of any single maker. Because of the group’s geographic dispersion, they are also able to present narratives that would be impossible for a single person to produce.

The images from Strangelives represent just one example of the group’s inventive output. These poems in prose are intended to invite viewers to re-­arrange, re-interpret, and re-­imagine each individual existence according to their own guise and pleasure. They are a reminder of the extraordinary chance of each and every life, whether real or fictional, strange or ordinary.


Editors’ Note: An exhibition of the series Strangelives will be show at The Print Space in London starting on April 22 and running until May 8, 2015.

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