Writing stories in images—stories that come from the differing experiences of every person, at times from very far and deep places, or even simply the day-to-day—we see that these stories echo a poetic logic that is particular to photography.

We choose others, and others choose them, but we write the same story of the human condition in filigree: stories of birth, adolescence, beauty, fragility, death, fear, a certain God…all of these mysteries that appear over and over again in the interrogations of our human souls, like an endless refrain.

The images, when confronted with one another, all seem to be multiplied, resonant, vibrant, immense…they take us far, far away, and present invisible answers to our infinite questions.

Thanks to POHL for sharing these precious moments. Thanks to the photographers for offering us so much grace, commitment and intimacy.

—Flore-Aël Surun / Tendance Floue

Editors’ Note: See the full issue of Previously on Hans Lucas #14 on the publication’s dedicated webpage. And keep an eye out for more of these POHL features on the LensCulture website in the months to come.

Studio Hans Lucas is an innovative and open-minded collaborative broadcasting platform dedicated to photography and digital literacy. Based in Paris, but with a growing international footprint, the studio is involved with photo, video and multimedia content production. It also trains producers at all levels.

Each month, members of the studio contribute their images to an online publication titled “Previously on Hans Lucas.” Each issue is conceived in participation with a different curator. We have featured previews of the last few issues on LensCulture—discover the whole series.