Studio Hans Lucas is an innovative and open-minded collaborative broadcasting platform dedicated to photography and digital literacy. Based in Paris, but with a growing international footprint, the studio is involved with photo, video and multimedia content production. It also trains producers at all levels.

Each month, members of the studio contribute their images to a publication titled “Previously on Hans Lucas.” In just eight editions, the publication has been released under many themes and in many forms—including a beautifully printed photobook that was sold on the streets of Arles last summer during Les Rencontres.

The latest edition, #8, was produced with the participation of Spanish journalist and editor Juan Peces. Our feature includes Peces’ introductory text as well as a small selection of images from the full issue.

The latest issue of Previously on Hans Lucas explores a multitude of conceptual elements: the contrast between humanity’s need for isolation and companionship, our ability to face life’s daily challenges, the extrapolation of nature’s spirit, and our search for serenity and identity. These facets and concepts allow us to read the issue in a myriad of ways.

POHL offers a sincere investigation into the possibilities of contemporary visual reportage; the images feature subjects such as the hidden forms that emerge in a symbolic gesture of undressing, the moment of reflection that separates an individual from a crowd, or a labored body that evokes the viewer’s empathy.

The photographers play with, abandon, and construct aesthetic elements in new ways that strengthen and beautify their images. The formal and semantic aspects of their work allow us to traverse the abyss of stupefaction and grant us a moment of undersanding.

—Juan Peces

Editors’ note: See the full issue of Previously on Hans Lucas #8 on the publication’s dedicated webpage. Also, keep an eye out for more of these POHL features on the LensCulture website in the coming months—POHL was also recently featured on our Instagram page in a takeover in early September.