Studio Hans Lucas is an innovative and open-minded collaborative broadcasting platform dedicated to photography and digital literacy. Based in Paris, but with a growing international footprint, the studio is involved with photo, video and multimedia content production. It also trains producers at all levels.

Each month, members of the studio contribute their images to a publication titled “Previously on Hans Lucas.” In just nine editions, the publication has been released under many themes and in many forms—including a beautifully printed photobook that was sold on the streets of Arles last summer during Les Rencontres.

The latest edition, #9, was produced with the participation of Nicolas Havette, the director of the Galerie le Magasin de Jouets and artistic director of the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation and the China International Photographic Art Festival in Zhengzhou.

POHL #9 urges forward like the head of a parade while we simultaneously weave the tent that will hold it all together. A house of cards, united by an unstable balance of images. At its core, inhabited by the beast with 300 eyes: Hans Lucas! The ring master, a mysterious peacock, a protean creature—the incessant storyteller!

Issue #9 starts with a bang: the Hayange giant strides towards us confidently, fist at the ready. This is a return of history, a testosterone-fueled melody, offered by an opening note from Mr. Jarousseau.

“Everything has to go” then proclaims the procession of Brits by Cyril Abad. This strange parade is followed closely by the great fire- and ice-breathing Lola, surrounded by Alexis Huguet’s misty procession…

The stage is suspended—then the light whispers, we hold our breath. We delve into the history of those coming in and face the fiery flag of an unknown country; we hear the hum of some distant world. We follow, docile, the path to the land of dreams. We walk the trail of our own tracks to meet the ghosts of those beings that inhabit our own big circus.

But what happens: there are bullet marks on the naked torso of the orchestra. Music against bullets, always. The pathway against ignorance, yet again. It takes courage to go on stage every night. It takes courage to hold out against the siege.* And when the audience comes out of the tent, you see that the streets are empty, you can hear the sound of our own footsteps. Suddenly, Poseidon is alone, and all that remains is the little cloud that Hans Lucas brought us for a few seconds.

—Nicolas Havette

*To watch: Le Siège by Rémy Ourdan and Patrick Chauvel

Editors’ note: See the full issue of Previously on Hans Lucas #9 on the publication’s dedicated webpage. Also, keep an eye out for more of these POHL features on the LensCulture website in the coming months—POHL was also recently featured on our Instagram page in a takeover in early September.