Studio Hans Lucas is an innovative and open-minded collaborative broadcasting platformdedicated to photography and digital literacy. Based in Paris, but with a growing international footprint, the studio is involved with photo, video and multimedia content production. It also trains producers at all levels.

Each month, members of the studio contribute their images to a publication titled “Previously on Hans Lucas.” In just ten editions, the publication has been released under many themes and in many forms—including a beautifully printed photobook that was sold on the streets of Arles last summer during Les Rencontres.

The latest edition, #10, was produced with the participation of Fanny Lambert, a multi-faceted academic, curator, writer, juror and instructor.

Looking towards an uncertain future, yet still believing in the power of the cathartic tide. Behind this posture, the mirror of the soul has passed its chance. Everything is there, in those infinite deserts that are split into thousands of rigorous, arithmetic lines—a sort of premonition or archeology of the future, yet one that will have left us nothing, except some stray dogs wandering in the pasture.

In the center, the pace hurtles towards tomorrow; Man holds tight…Between flames and earth, the spectacle of the world continues to reinvent itself and then disappear. The portrait, in copious number here and in fine form, serves as the basis, while the natural setting recedes towards the background. For other photographs, the only question is to anchor firmly in the ground, not retreating a step.

Plasticity and documentation come together in this issue of POHL. The figures and discomforts herein serve as proof that the harsh actuality of our era—made of spasms—sometimes has the power to make us see with eyes wide open (and sometimes shut). Let us pursue this journey of the absurd, adorned with our strongest ornaments. There may well be magic hidden between these contemporary icons…amidst those unadorned Arcadias that we humans love tirelessly to build.

—Fanny Lambert

Editors’ note: See the full issue of Previously on Hans Lucas #10 on the publication’s dedicated webpage. Also, keep an eye out for more of these POHL features on the LensCulture website in the coming months—POHL was also recently featured on our Instagram page in a takeover in early September.