Through my own eyes and my street shots I would like to express: the tension, the edged frustration, the taut atmosphere and the feelings that beat, inherent in the city.

Because: all this is sure to certainly exist—and there is a photography that should embody these feelings (especially since these feelings also exist in my mind).

The city friction, my own friction, focus overlapping. This series tries to present such moments.

I don’t know where my own conflict will be going and when it will fade away. I also don’t know where the people and the city are going and when their feelings will be gone.

However, street photography shows that all of this may keep going as long as society (and I) continue to exist.

—Tatsuo Suzuki

Tatsuo Suzuki is one of the 31 winners and finalists of the LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2015! LensCulture is proud to present the work of these photographers who show us, each in their own way, why street photography today remains as fresh and vibrant as ever!