The 2014 PhotoBiennale in Thessaloniki Greece brings together an impressive collection of diverse imagery by photographers from 23 countries. What binds them all together is the theme of Words (or Logos, in Greek), and how words, text and dialogue interact with photography to create a rich, multilayered experience for the viewers.

The festival has several large group exhibitions areas, as well as about 20 smaller venues — all in the ancient, delightful port city of Thessaloniki. The exhibitions are thoughtfully arranged, allowing visitors to make "aha" connections as the various photographic works create a sense of dialogue with each other, and with the viewers.

LensCulture is pleased to present over 60 of our favorite discoveries here in this preview.


— Jim Casper

The Festival is open all summer, from May through August 2014. Visit the website for more details: Follow LensCulture on Facebook and Twitter daily.