Havana cabs. For a lot of people they are a status symbol and their main source of revenue.

American antique cars are spread all over Cuba. Since the first half of the 20th century, they are a relic of the long history of American influence over the island. Since then, they have become a cultural asset of this unique nation. Most of the cars are still working, after more than 55 years. Many people use them as taxis to earn money. The huge variety of the cars is impressive.

Over the years, the once capitalistic vehicles received very individual restorations. Today, they are full of different reconstructions, styles and colors. Some look quite new, some just rundown. Every one of them is unique. It is a fascinating combination of old design and a contemporary look. The cars are witnesses of a past time, which is still alive in the socialistic country, a highly specific Cuban way of life.

— Thomas Meinicke