Perhaps you've always wondered how James Nachtwey gets away with being a clean-shaven war photographer. Maybe you're stumped as to how Martin Parr can be seriously successful while taking so many funny pictures. Perchance you really can't figure out how to survive as a professional photojournalist in the internet age. For all the questions you never thought to ask about the world of photography, these bite-sized, charmingly put-together lessons will do the trick.

It's OK if you're not a card-carrying Dusseldorf School Photographer. Conceptual photographer credentials are not necessary either. But anyone with any familiarity (and perhaps a bit of fatigue) with the photographic realm will find some solace in these light-hearted pages.

The perfect holiday gift—or, pick-me-up for that struggling artist in your life. Enjoy!


How to be...A Photographer in Four Lessons
Thomas Vanden Driessche
Publisher: André Frère Editions