With an established reputation as a photographer of people, Tom Wood’s work has been exhibited and published extensively worldwide. His landscape photography however, is relatively unknown. This exhibition presents, for the first time, a selection of nearly 100 of Wood’s pictures made in the West of Ireland, Merseyside and North Wales. 

The photographs made in the West of Ireland, County Mayo, show the landscape of the artist’s birthplace and childhood, and an area he has returned to as an artist almost every year since 1975.

Wood’s landscapes made within Merseyside, where he lived and worked for 25 years, from 1978–2003, address a more urban environment, encompassing pictures of people’s homes and gardens, parks, wastelands and the River Mersey.

Wood moved to North Wales in 2003 to address what he has referred to as “the matter of landscape.” Many use a panoramic format camera, which allows him to create expansive and detailed views, always with the eye of an artist.

For maximum appreciation, view these photos in full-screen mode.

 — LensCulture

The exhibition, "Tom Wood — Landscapes" will be shown at the MOSTYN gallery in Wales, January 18 - April 6, 2014.