Rosie's is a coffee van run by volunteers from Rosie's Oblate Youth Mission, a group from a Catholic church on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.

Two nights a week they load up their mini bus with fresh hot coffee, and travel into the city of Melbourne, to hand out free coffee to whoever wants or needs it.

More than the hot coffee, I think the regulars at Rosie's like the warm support and the good natured faces of people who are willing to talk, and listen. Many have no one else who takes an interest in them or their issues.

Rosie's was started 12 years ago by a Catholic priest, and Anne, who is a nun. Anne says, "As long as I'm about, Rosie's will always go on."

I often see people I've photographed from Rosie's at other times on the streets of Melbourne. We nod hello or stop to talk briefly, and I'm comforted to know they will always have someone from Rosie's community who cares for them, and who will listen to their problems.

—Tony Reddrop