Unseen Amsterdam is one of our favorite annual photography fairs and festivals. Each year, it combines an up-to-the-minute collection of great art for sale; new photobooks (from the biggest publishers as well as many great independent publishers); some surprising award-winning work by young talents; a thought-provoking series of lectures, roundtables and public talks; and cutting edge work by some of the world’s leading cooperatives.

At the heart of the fair is a gathering of fresh new photography presented by more than 50 renowned international art galleries. Much of the art is new work by established artists or work of emerging talents who are making their debut on the world stage at Unseen — so it’s inventive, untested and often risk-taking. In this article, we’re pleased to present 40 of the works that will be exhibited during the fair. Note the wide variety and eclectic nature of these pieces, with the goal of inspiring and pushing the boundaries of what is happening in the global marketplace for photography.

Be sure to check all the details on the Unseen website, and give yourself at least two days to see and experience everything this year’s event has to offer. Unseen Amsterdam, 21-23 September 2018.