The photographer Yoon A Mi has created a fascinating way to explore the many facets of complex human personality in her series of photographs titled, At Night.

Using multiple exposures for each image, she presents the two main characters (both played by herself) in rough urban settings, on rooftops, in basements, and in dreamlike environments.

The characters represent two sides of herself — a respectable young member of society, but also as the dark inner-side of unconscious desires often referred to as the shadow side of a person’s psychology. These two characters interact in playful tension with each other (much like an argument with one’s self) — sometimes tormented and fighting, sometimes celebratory and in pleasant company with each other despite the inner tension and uncertainty.

This intriguing series captures the psychological states of ego, super ego and id all in one person — as well as acceptance of conflicting ideas and desires within ourselves. It is fresh, fun, artful, intelligent and thought-provoking art.

—Jim Casper

Editor’s note: Youn A Mi is just one of many exciting, new Korean photographers who I had the privilege to meet in person during formal portfolio reviews during the excellent Daegu Photo Biennale 2014 in Daegu, South Korea—just a short, pleasant train ride from Seoul.

The international exhibitions of contemporary photography presented in Daegu was brilliant, fresh and inspiring.