About Bohnchang Koo

Lives and works in Seoul, Korea

Present Chairman of Geonhi Art Foundation
Professor, Department of Photography & Video, Kyungil University
2008 Art Director, Daegu Photo Biennale 2008
2004 Guest Professor, Pentiment, Hamburg Summer School
1999-01 Professor of Photography, Kaywon College of Art and Design, Anyang
1999 Visiting Professor, Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design, London
1997 International Fellowship, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, London
1992 Guest Professor, Pentiment, Hamburg Summer School
1986-98 Photography lecturer, Chung-Ang University, Seoul
1980-85 Diploma Fachhochschule (Photography), Hamburg
1971-75 Yonsei University (Business Administration), Seoul


2003 Gangwon Documentary Prize, Korea
2000 Lee Myoungdong Prize, Korea


2013 'The Interpretation of landscape', J - Hee Gallery, Gwangju
'Happy memories', Ryugaheon gallery, Seoul
2011 ‘Bohnchang Koo’, Kukje gallery, Seoul
‘The Baptist’, Nuda gallery, Daejeon
‘Snow, Jeju Island’ Trunk gallery, Seoul
2010 ‘Plain Beauty: Korean White Porcelain / Photographs by Bohnchang Koo’, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
¡®Masks¡¯, Duson Art Museum, Jeju
2009 ¡®Vessel ¡¤ Soap ¡¤ Interiors¡¯, Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris
¡®Purity¡¯, Galerie Raum mit Licht, Vienna
¡®Pencil of Nature¡¯, Gallery Bow, Ulsan
2008 ¡®In the Beginning¡¯, Trunk Gallery, Seoul
¡®Coolness and Passion¡¯, MBC Gallery M, Daegu
2007 ¡®Bohnchang Koo¡¯, Goeun Museum of Art, Busan
Galerie 206, Berlin
¡®Soap¡¯, Koyama Gallery, Tokyo
2006 Hasted Hunt Gallery, New York
¡®Vessel¡¯, Kukje Gallery, Seoul
¡®Koo Bohnchang¡¯, Kahitsukan, Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyoto
2005 ¡®Portraits of Time¡¯, White Room Gallery, Los Angeles
¡®La beaute endormie¡¯, Langon, France
2004 ¡®Masks¡¯, ¡®White¡¯, Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris
2003 ¡®Bohnchang Koo: Recent work¡¯, Ricco Maresca Gallery, New York
¡®Masks¡¯, The Museum of Photography, Seoul
¡®White¡¯, ¡®In the Beginning¡¯, Picture Photo Space, Osaka
2002 ¡®Fragile Tremors¡¯, The Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, curated by Carol McCusker
¡®Masterworks of Contemporary Korean Photography¡¯, Peabody Essex Museum, Messachusetts, curated by Clark Worswick
¡®In the Beginning¡¯, Shadai Gallery, Tokyo
2001 Base Gallery, Tokyo
Prinz Gallery, Kyoto
Samsung Rodin Gallery, Seoul
Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco
2000 ¡®White Series¡¯, Ricco Maresca Gallery, New York
¡®Good-Bye Paradise¡¯, Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark
1999 ¡®Flow¡¯, Gallery Won, Seoul
1995 ¡®In the Beginning¡¯, Gallery Ississ, Kyoto
¡®Breath¡¯, Seomi Gallery, Seoul
1993 ¡®Good-Bye Paradise¡¯, Seomi Gallery, Seoul
1990 ¡®The Sea of Thought¡¯, Seomi Gallery, Seoul
1988 ¡®Clandestine Pursuit in the Long Afternoon¡¯, Gallery Busan, Korea
1987 ¡®One Minute Monologue¡¯, Gallery Wide, Tokyo
Photo Interform, Osaka
1985 ¡®Twelve Deep Sighs¡¯, Hanmadang Gallery, Seoul
1984 Fotogenes, Hamburg
1983 Pine Hill Gallery, Seoul


2013 '»çÁøÀÇ ÅÍ', Art Space J, Gyeonggi, Korea
'Sakura', Tanakaya Gallery, Hirosaki, Japan
2012 'Mega Seoul 4 decades', The Museum of Photography, Seoul, Seoul
'Motherhood', Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul
'´ÞÇÏ ³ëÇÇ°õ µµ´Ù»þ ¾î±á¾ß ¸Ó¸®°õ ºñÃë¿À½Ã¶ó', Ilwoo space, Seoul
'FOLD lll: USELESS / Upcycling in Art + Design', Art+Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai
2011 ‘Korean Spirit ; six Photographers’, Goyang, Korea
‘Books & Objects’, Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul
‘òµü£’, Kokdu museum, Seoul
‘Fold3’, Art+Shanghai gallery, Shaghai, China
2010 ‘Korean Contemporary Art ? Plastic Garden’, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
¡®Chaotic Harmony: Contemporary Korean Photography¡¯, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara
¡®On the Line¡¯, Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul
¡®Cycle, Recycle¡¯, Interalia Art Company, Seoul
¡®Primavere del Bianco¡¯, Museum of Art Seoul National University, Seoul
¡®Man Ray's Photography & His Heritage¡¯, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
¡®Biennale internationale de l'Image a Luang Prabang¡¯, Laos
¡®Eternal Blinking: Contemporary Art of Korea¡¯, The University of Hawaii Art Gallery, Hawaii
¡®30th Anniversary of Young Korean Artist¡¯, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
¡®Seoul Photo 2010¡¯, COEX, Seoul
¡®Him of Gyeonggi-do¡¯, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan
2009 ¡®The Face beyond Faces¡¯, Sungkok Museum, Seoul
¡®Chaotic Harmony: Contemporary Korean Photography¡¯, MFAH, Houston
¡®Met First, Yet Familiar, Korean Contemporary Photograph¡¯, 798 Space, Beijing
¡®Art Road 77 - with art, with artist!¡¯, Lee & Park Gallery, Paju
¡®The Face beyond Faces¡¯, Dong-gang International Photo Festival 2009,
Dong-gang Museum of Photography, Yeongwol
¡®2009 Odyssey¡¯, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
¡®Made in Korea¡¯, Hannover Messe 2009, Hannover
¡®Translated Celadon: The Five Different Stories¡¯, Haegang Ceramics Museum, Icheon
¡®Three Photographers¡¯, Canon Plex, Seoul
¡®Problem¡¯, Dr.Park Gallery, Yangpyeong-gun
¡®Serotonin¡¯, Gallery Now, Seoul
¡®Valentine's Day! Art for You!¡¯, 915 Industry Gallery, Seoul
¡®Artists and Moon Jars¡¯, Gallery Hyundai Gangnam, Seoul
2008 ¡®Gaze¡¯, Gallery Grimson, Seoul
¡®Back to the Roots¡¯, Gallery Soheon, Daegu
¡®Bohnchang Koo & Maggie Taylor¡¯, Verve Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe
¡®Contemporary Korean Photographs 1948-2008¡¯, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon
¡®Inspired Simplicity: Contemporary Art from Korea¡¯, Seattle Art Museum
¡®Treasures Within¡¯, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
¡®Emotional Scenes¡¯, Blanca Berlin Gallery, Madrid
¡®Today's Korean Art ¡¯, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2007 ¡®Chuseok - Korean Harvest Festival¡¯, Gallery Talk ¡®The Korean Moon Jar¡¯,
The British Museum, London
¡®Painterly Photos¡¯, Leehwaik Gallery, Seoul
¡®Void in Korean Art¡¯, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul
2005 ¡®Stilled¡¯, Gallery 339, Philadelphia
2004 ¡®Water¡¯, FotoFest 2004, Houston
¡®What happens between Art and Popular Culture¡¯, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
2003 ¡®Facing Korea¡¯, Foam Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam
¡®East of Eden¡¯, 14 Wharf Road, London
2002 ¡®Two Korean Photographers¡¯, Photo-Eye Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
¡®KoreanContemporary Photography¡¯, Museum of Modern Art, Saitama,
Sendai Mediatheque, Japan
¡®Floating¡¯, Art Center Silkeborg Bad, Denmark
¡®Everyman: A Search for the Male Form¡¯, Camera Work, San Francisco
2001 ¡®Awakening¡¯, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney
2000 ¡®Standing on the Threshold of Time¡¯, Odense Foto Triennale, Denmark
¡®Contemporary Korean Photographers¡¯, FotoFest 2000, Houston
¡®Moonlight Becomes You - A Thousand and One Nights of Peace on Earth¡¯,
The Center for Photography at Woodstock, New York
1999 ¡®Phenomena¡¯, Friends of Photography, Ansel Adams Center, San Francisco
¡®Fragments of Document and Memory¡¯, 3rd Tokyo International Photo-Biennale, Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo
1998 ¡®Landscape and Man¡¯, Ostasiatiska Museum, Stockholm
¡®Alienation and Assimilation¡¯, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College, Chicago
1996 A.O.I. Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
¡®Art at Home¡¯, Seomi Gallery, Seoul
1995 Gwangju Museum of Modern Art, Gwangju, Korea
Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeongju, Korea
¡®Body or Gender¡¯, Gallery Nun, Seoul
1994 Pima Community College Art Gallery, Tucson, Arizona
1993 Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
1990 Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York
1988 ¡®The New Wave of Photography¡¯, Walkerhill Art Center, Seoul
1987 ¡®Lying Down as if Being Dead with Narrow Eyes¡¯, Hanmadang Gallery, Seoul


Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California
Seattle Asian Art Museum, Seattle
Museum of Art and Craft, Hamburg
Kahitsukan, Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyoto
Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
Reykjavik Museum of Photography, Iceland
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon
Seoul Museum of Art
Municipal Museum of Art, Daejeon
Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul
Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeongju
The Museum of Photography, Seoul
The Amore Museum, Seoul
Busan Museum of Art, Busan
Fondation Herzog, Basel
Shadai Gallery, Tokyo


Dancing Bear/ W.M. Hunt
Newhouse Collection
Elena Ochoa Foster
The Buhl Collection
The Ock Rang Cultural Foundation
Sammlung Anne Maria Jagdfeld


2009 ¡®Purity¡¯, Galerie Raum mit Licht, Austria
2008 ¡®A Perspective on 1980s¡¯, Wow Image, Korea
2007 ¡®Everyday Treasures¡¯, Rutles, Japan
¡®Vessel¡¯ Rutles, Japan
2006 ¡®Koo Bohnchang¡¯, The Kahitsukan, Japan
¡®Deep Breath in Silence¡¯, Hangil Art, Korea
¡®Revealed Personas¡¯, Hangil Art, Korea
¡®Vessels for the Heart¡¯, Hangil Art, Korea
2004 ¡®Portraits of Time¡¯, Homi, Korea
¡®Koo Bohnchang: Mask', The Museum of Photography Seoul, Korea
¡®Koo Bohnchang¡¯, Youlhwadang, Korea
2003 ¡®Bohnchang Koo, Hysteric Nine¡¯, Hysteric Glamour, Japan
1998 ¡®In the Beginning¡¯, WorkShop 9, Korea
1994 ¡®Art Vivant¡¯, Contemporary Korean Artists, Sigongsa, Korea
1992 ¡®The Sea of Thought¡¯, Hanglim, Korea

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