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  • Nanyang Technological University

Benjamin Ziggy Lee explores the illusions created by an always-on immersive internet connection, and the dreamy hyper-real imagery of tourist destinations as represented by stock photos.

About Benjamin Ziggy Lee

Benjamin Ziggy Lee works mainly in video and photography. His photography works have been exhibited in South Korea, United Kingdom and China. His inaugural short film won the ‘Originality Award’ at the Very Shorts International Film Festival, Singapore Edition. On top of that, he was awarded a grant in which he undertook a six-month internship in New York City. He has just finished his final year thesis project exploring identity and capitalism in post-colonial Singapore. In his work, he often appropriates found photographs or footage and recontextualize their meaning, seeking to reveal the multi-faceted nature of identity. He studied at Nanyang Technological University, School of Arts, Design, Media.

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