Totally unique Manhattan skyline photos: Buildings Made of Sky


Installation View: Buildings Made of Sky © Peter Wegner

“There are two Manhattans. One is a city of tall buildings; the other is a city of no buildings. This city begins where the architecture leaves off. It’s a city cast in the die of Manhattan, a perfect complement to the built city, a kind of anti-Manhattan. This parallel city has an architecture all its own. It is the architecture of air, the space defined by the edges of everything else, its map redrawn by pigeons and pedestrians, barricades and scaffolding, cranes, trucks, taxis. It’s the city we assume but cannot name. In this city, the buildings are made of sky. It’s the Manhattan that isn’t – without which there could be no Manhattan.” — Peter Wegner

See and read more in LensCulture.


Detail View: Buildings Made of Sky © Peter Wegner

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