Paolo Roversi: Studio
by Paolo Roversi
Publisher's Description
Paolo Roversi is known internationally for his romantic, intense, and ethereal fashion images and portraits, photographs that quiver on the edge of their own seemingly fragile existence. A typical Roversi picture appears as if captured in the process of becoming-it develops on the page before our very eyes or, depending on perspective, it might simply vanish into the ether.

Since 1980 Roversi has worked primarily with 8-by-10 inch Polaroids, and rarely on location. Studio is a milestone in his burgeoning bibliography. Designed as a series of 60 gatefolds, at first glance the book appears to be a collection of empty pages. The experience of looking is akin to that of peeling away the leaf from a Polaroid-out of the blackness an image is revealed as if by magic.

In images that represent nearly two decades of work, the collection offers a self-portrait of the artist and a window into the place where he creates his art. These photographs are a mix of both the published and the highly personal, but all have the intimacy engendered by that place where Roversi feels most at home.
ISBN: 386521164X
Publisher: Steidl/Dangin
Hardcover : 60 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 11.8 x 13 x 3 inches
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