Tøbjorn Rødland

Torbjørn Rødland: White Planet Black Heart
by Torbjørn Rødland
Publisher's Description
Torbjørn Rødland is to photography what the Pet Shop Boys are to pop: a master of the delicately orchestrated cliché overload, a surcharge of the too obvious, too cute or too inane, played to the point where, drained of all trace of common sense, it suggests a new sense of silence, of mystery. Rødland has a knack for producing images that make you ask what are, in fact, appropriate motives for art photography: Images of single audio or video cassettes? Bleak black-and-white renditions of countryside churches? George W. Bush’s favorite ice cream? A black banana? Girls and pets, pets and girls? He creates a complex of readings that inveigles the viewer into spending time with each single image, to reconsider its meaning and relevance. White Planet, Black Heart makes no excuses as it reinvents the romantic impulses of popular culture. This is Rødland’s first book.
ISBN: 3865212220
Publisher: Steidl
Hardcover : 112 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 7.9 x 9.4 x 0.6 inches
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