Jim Dine

Jim Dine: Entrada Drive-Special Edition
by Jim Dine
Publisher's Description
Of this exquisite limited edition book of his photographs, artist Jim Dine says, “The winter in L.A. that year was kind of a ‘grey July.’ Diana and I lived at 234 Entrada Drive in January and February of 2001. These photographs are a memoir of what our eyes saw in our garden and when we walked to the Pacific Ocean. We also climbed into the Santa Monica Mountains on our bicycles, crossing Sunset Boulevard just where it goes into Pacific Palisades. We did this every day, winding our way through more L.A. suburbia till we reached the fire trail into the mountains (where wilder animals than us live).We hardly ever saw a neighbor to make up stories about. Our landlady was called Denise de Graf. She was ever-vigilant about our comings and goings. I also think we lived just to the north of the late Christopher Isherwood’s house but maybe I dreamt that. That winter all we thought about was our work and getting back to Paris.” This first edition comes with a stone lithograph in a handmade slipcase. All 100 copies are signed and numbered by the artist.
ISBN: 3865212514
Publisher: Steidl
Leather Bound : 96 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 inches
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