Roni Horn

Roni Horn: Weather Reports You
by Roni Horn
Publisher's Description
'Everyone has a story about the weather. This may be the single thing each of us holds in common. And though the weather varies greatly from here to there, it is, ultimately, one weather that we share. Small talk everywhere has occasioned the popular distribution of the weather. Some say talking about the weather is talking about oneself. And with each passing day, the weather increasingly becomes ours, if not us. Weather Reports You is one beginning of a collective self-portrait.' Over the past two years Roni Horn has been working with a small team in the south west of Iceland gathering personal testimonies from people talking about the weather. These 'weather reports' include descriptions, reflections, memories and stories based on experiences of the weather that range from the matter-of-fact to the marvelous. The different nuances and usages of language suggest that the weather is not just a matter of meteorological conditions but is, in Horn's words, 'a metaphor for the physical, metaphysical, political, social and moral energy of a person and a place.'
ISBN: 386521388X
Publisher: Steidl & Artangel, London
Paperback : 196 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 5.7 x 7.9 x 0.6 inches
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