Robert Capa

Robert Capa: Photographs
by Robert Capa
Publisher's Description
The first major monograph in over twenty years on this great photographer of five different wars. "Drawing as no previous book has on the full range of Capa's images, reproducing many unique vintage prints, this book presents many hitherto unseen masterpieces and restores some of Capa's best-known photographs to the contexts of the photo-stories for which he took them. With detailed captions by Capa's biographer, Richard Whelan, the book emphasizes the photojournalistic nature and excitement of Capa's work."--the publisher. Review
Robert Capa, whose images of the Spanish Civil War brought home the hideous suffering of that conflict and brought Capa international fame, is the 20th century's most accomplished photographer of warfare. This collection of Capa's work demonstrates that he was more than a war photographer: he was a master of depicting ordinary life in extraordinary circumstances. The volume includes an essay by Cornell Capa, the photographer's brother and the founder of the International Center for Photography, as well as a foreword by Henri Cartier-Bresson.
ISBN: 0394544218
Publisher: Knopf
Hardcover : 242 pages
Language: English
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