Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld: Three Examples of Twentieth Century Modern Architecture
by Eric Pfrunder
Publisher's Description

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Karl Lagerfeld’s architectural photographs have always tackled much more than structure and form, and in this exquisite, three-volume boxed set, he explores three quite diverse architectural gems with his highly personal and insightful vision: the poet and renowned egomaniac Curzio Malaparte’s Casa Malaparte villa, Perugini’s La Casa Albero Nella Pineta di Fregene and Tadao Ando’s Vitra House. Malaparte’s villa is examined in two parts, the first addressing its integration within the landscape, and the second documenting its interior and furniture. Lagerfeld’s use of the Polaroid-transfer technique captures the antique beauty and mystical charm of this elegiac villa. Perugini’s Albero Nella Pineta di Fregene is a somewhat neglected Modernist gem, hidden amongst a cluster of trees in a small village near Rome, and constructed in wood, concrete and glass; and Ando’s Vitra pavilion in Weil am Rhein is renowned as an architectural masterpiece that embodies his criteria of tranquility, harmony and dynamism. Lagerfeld’s sensitive photographic documentation perceptively renders both the geometric details and the unique sense of place which each building imparts.
ISBN: 3865215408
Publisher: Steidl Verlag
Hardcover : 184 pages
Language: English
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