Lifetimes Under Apartheid
by David Goldblatt
Publisher's Description
Novelist Nadine Gordimer and photographer David Goldblatt, both white, both born in South Africa, have collaborated to produce a powerful vision of the human cost of apartheid. The authors state in their preface that "what white South Africans have done to black South Africans seeps like an indelible stain through fiction and photographs. The repression and tragedy of black lives is there; we did not have to look for it, only to let it reveal itself as honestly and deeply as we could." Goldblatt's forceful, straightforward photographs and excerpts from Gordimer's novels and short stories are together a remarkably sensitive vehicle for these realities of life under apartheid.
ISBN: 039455406X
Publisher: Knopf
Hardcover : 115 pages
Language: English
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