Glen Rubsamen

Those Useless Trees (German Edition)
by Glen Rubsamen
Publisher's Description
Painter Glen Rubsamen has made a book of photographs focusing on trees: not the majestic beauties of the forest, but the tough, intrepid, even stubborn trees that stick up so incongruously in the urban landscape. A sequoia in a parking lot, an ornamental plum on a sidewalk, a sad little bonsai in the corner of a nursery: these trees make an almost poignant statement in their survival. 'The photos show new and completely unknown relationships between different types of objects in the landscape to the viewer,' says Rubsamen in an interview by Christina Vegh. 'They're an ensemble of trees, vegetation, utilities and architecture, showing how these objects relate to each other in the new global terrain vague. An utterly complex interplay of commercial, psychological and historical elements, so complex as to be almost absurd.'
ISBN: 3865881688
Publisher: Christoph Kellerrevolver Verlag
Hardcover : 136 pages
Language: English
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