IMAGES RECALLED: Bilder auf Abruf - 3. Fotofestival Mannheim Ludwigshafen Heidelberg
by Tobias Berger
Publisher's Description
Is it still possible today to make photographs that really show something »new«? Or is it much more a question of how existing photographic images already order our universe and steer our perceptions of the world? One strategy for responding to the flood of imagery produced by journalism, advertising and archives is to declare the ordering of the pictorial repertoire that shapes our visual memory as theme. The 50 or so international photographic positions selected here make us more aware of this ordering process – by building on images from our common visual culture. How do photographers take up existing images and recombine them? After the internationally renowned Fototage Herten moved to Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg and got off to a successful fresh start in 2005, the festival will now take place under the title Images Recalled, organized by Das Bildforum e.V.

Artists (selection):
Heba Farid, Cao Fei, Joan Fontcuberta, Aurélien Froment, Zheng Guogu, Michal Heiman, Thomas Hirschhorn, Margret Hoppe, Luis Jacob, Randa Mirza, Henrik Olesen, Peter Piller, Bettina Pousttchi, Bernhard Prinz, Ann Shelton, Sean Snyder, Yvonne Todd and vvork.
ISBN: 3868280758
Publisher: Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg
Perfect Paperback Language: English
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