Birgitta Thaysen

by Birgitta Thaysen
Publisher's Description
In her black-and-white portrait photographs Birgitta Thaysen captures her sitters in moments of inward-turning reverie. The photographer finds her models, of all ages and walks of life, in London and Düsseldorf. Her portraits are united by the use of the same attribute: conch shells of various shapes and sizes. Those portrayed close their eyes to listen to the »inner ocean« inside the shell. They often bend their heads far back while doing so, seeming to forget the presence of the camera for a few rapt moments.

Thaysen (*1962) studied photography with Bernd and Hilla Becher and Nan Hoover at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. Her works have been displayed in numerous national and international exhibitions. She founded the School of Art Photography in Düsseldorf with Katharina Mayer in 2000.
ISBN: 3868280766
Hardcover Language: German
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