Andreas Meichsner

Andreas Meichsner - Alles in Ordnung
by Ann-Christin Bertrand Rolf Nobel
Publisher's Description
A silent observer, Andreas Meichsner documents in his photographs how that vacation we’ve been waiting for so long has a way of plunging us into an agonizing tug-of-war between the contradictory need for freedom on the one hand and security on the other. The reassuring words All Sorted (Alles in Ordnung) stand for a fevered »organizing« of the yearned-for and yet also somehow menacing liberation from workaday life – with the paradoxical result that even vacation time ends up being packed full of structured activities. Meichsner explores in a subtle and humorous fashion the question of whether, in a society dominated more and more by job insecurity and– of ne cessity – flexibility, we might today be witnessing a burgeoning desire for boring, safe predictability.
ISBN: 3868282424
Publisher: Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg
Hardcover Language: German
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