Walker Evans: A Biography
by Belinda Rathbone
Publisher's Description
Considered by some as the greatest American photographer, Walker Evans is certainly one of the most famous. But in spite of his widespread recognition, Evans himself remained elusive. This first full biography of the enigmatic artist brilliantly penetrates the calculated anonymity of his work to reveal the obsessions behind it. Interviewing more than one hundred friends and colleagues of Evans' as well as his two former wives, author Belinda Rathbone illuminates his singular vision and the complex personality Evans withheld from his work. With a selection of 24 of Evans' photographs, and 23 snapshots from various points in his life, this is a revealing and reverent text devoted to understanding this great American master.
ISBN: 0395590728
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Hardcover : 358 pages
Language: English
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