Stephen Gan

Where Will We Meet Next?
by Stephen Gan
Publisher's Description
Stephen Gan / Tobias Schweitzer:
Where Will We Meet Next?

From a first encounter near Berlin's Brandenburg Gate to a picture-perfect moment in front of a Reykjavik midnight dawn, these two young dreamers have created a collection of photographic meetings that span one year and the entire globe. In 14 different destinations, dictated by their vastly different careers, they discovered a landscape far greater than either traveler had known on his own. Theirs is a universal quest in our increasingly jet-propelled and wired age: to see the world clearly in the brief moment we are given on earth, and to share those insights with another.

Stephen Gan is the founder of Visionaire, an acclaimed quarterly publication on fashion and photograph, and the new creative director for Harper's Bazaar. He lives in New York.
Tobias Schweitzer is a German-born landscape designer.
ISBN: 3882435550
Publisher: Edition 7L
Hardcover : 256 pages
Language: English
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