Unified Message: Fashionable Photography Meets Drawing
by Alexei Haye
Publisher's Description
Unified Message
Fashionable Photography Meets Drawing

Edited by Beda Achermann.

Fashion photography and fashion drawing are not only images of creation, but creations in and of themselves-productions of beauty, of outfit, and of Iifestyle. They mediate images of fashion's fast trade which, as visual statements, are long-lasting, extending well beyond the day. In
Unified Message, photographers and draftsmen carry on an unusual dialogue. Pictures by three of the most important fashion photographers of our time- Peter Lindbergh, Paolo Roversi, and Alexei Hay-are questioned, commented on, and extended by three fashion illustrators of international renown-Mats Gustafson, Ruben Toledo, and Francois Berthoud. The radiating power of fashion is here revealed in the interplay of their respective images.

Beda Achermann currently works as an independent creative director. He was Creative Director of German Men's Vogue for manyyears.
ISBN: 3882438312
Publisher: Steidl/Camerawork, Berlin
Paperback : 96 pages
Language: English
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