Rosalind Solomon

by Ingrid Sischy
Publisher's Description
Rosalind Solomon takes pictures of people and their relationships with each other. Whether well-known figures or ordinary people, her subjects appear as they go about their daily lives, celebrating at parties, engaging in moments private and public. Cultural and social contrasts characterize the photographer’s images, captured during numerous trips across the United States and around the world since the 1970s. The pictures tell tales of rootedness and loneliness, poverty and affluence, moments of hope and moments of happiness. In Chapalingas, Solomon has grouped her photographs into associative categories such as Food, Wheels, Splits, Hearts, Play and Faith, prompting the viewer to compare the motifs present in her more than 160 images. Accompanied by Solomon’s poetic text, which sheds light on the contexts in which her photographs were taken and the personal thoughts they engendered.
ISBN: 3882438770
Publisher: Steidl
Hardcover : 461 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 10 x 11.3 x 1.6 inches
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