Harry Gruyaert

by Harry Gruyaert
Publisher's Description
A member of the Magnum photographers' cooperative, Belgian-born Harry Gruyaert has been photographing in Morocco for many years. Many European critics consider him to be one of color photography's masters. His Moroccan pictures are "strikingly mysterious," writes Brice Matthieussent. "Their content is neither sociological nor ethnographical, and certainly not exotic or journalistic. The anecdotal is excluded, and time--the narrative, the before and after of the photo--seems to be suspended. Still, they are charged with energy, the power of the colours and the captured moment. The enigmatic `subject' of these pictures is the texture of a wall or the fibre of a textile, the contents of the air or the peculiar density of Moroccan light, which is both brutal and soft, glaring and maternal, abstract and sensual. In contrast to the constant `déjà vu' of a banal exoticism, Harry Gruyaert shows us another reality never seen before, familiar yet secret at the same time."
ISBN: 3888143926
Publisher: Schirmer Art Books
Hardcover : 112 pages
Language: English
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