Herbert List

Hellas (German Edition)
by List
Publisher's Description
"Herbert List (1903--1975), born into a properous Hamburg merchant family with artistic leanings and connections to the European avant-garde of the period, began taking amateur photographs around 1930. When he left Germany in 1936 for political and personal reasons, he made his hobby into his profession. Today, his calm, detached photographs are considered rare examples of a cosmopolitan, highly cultured and at the same time surrealistic type of photography." In Hellas, the publisher has recreated List's unfinished project of creating a portfolio of images from Greece, commisioned by the Paris publisher Charles Peignot. The project remained unfinished because of the outbreak of war, but the work left behind is reproduced here in a stunning presentation. With a truly unique eye List captures farms, landscapes and architectual detail throughout Greece. A beautiful book!
ISBN: 388814549X
Publisher: Schirmer/Mosel Verlag GmbH
Hardcover Language: German
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