Axel Hütte

As Dark As Light (English and German Edition)
by Els Barents
Publisher's Description
Published on the occasion of an exhibition at Huis Marseille, Foundation for Photography, Amsterdam, As Dark as Light contains a set of 16 nocturnal photographs made by Hutte in various cities around the world. Aside from the underlying theme of night photography, the works are united by the strict geometry of the compositions, a quality that is enhanced by the book presentation, offering ample white space around each image. The Euclidean nature of cities is distilled at night with the black sky serving as the ground for darkened shapes that either glow softly from within or receive scant street illumination. A fine body of work by one of Germany's young stars.
ISBN: 3888149290
Publisher: Schirmer/Mosel Verlag GmbH
Hardcover : 52 pages
Language: English
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